Meet The Staff

Sharon Gee – President
Owner and chief executive. Didn’t have enough books at home to feed her book addiction.

Bruce MacMakin, Senior Vice President
Rare book and works on paper expert, appraiser and auctioneer with over 30 years of experience.


Molly Dedmond, Client Services Coordinator
From the world of letterpress, bookbinding, and backyard chicken keeping, Molly is your first point of contact at PBA.

Angela Jarosz, Inventory Manager
No job is too large small, Angela is most often found setting up auction previews.


Ivan Briggs, Director of Fine Pens, Watches, and Comics
Ivan returns to the PBA Family as a recognized authority on fine pens and comics.


Bryn Hoffman, Cataloguer
Bryn has a background in archives and a propensity for espièglerie and flânerie

William Taylor, Jr, Cataloguer
Bill is a recognized published poet. At PBA, he specilizes in the Beats & Counterculture, Poetry, Literature and Miniature Books.


Christopher Dunlap, Cataloguer
Chris specializes in Fine Press, Art & Illustration, and Golf.

Zoë Rowe, Cataloguer
Former Archivist with background in English Literature & The Occult.

Maurice “Mo” Johnson, Photographer
At PBA Galleries you can always find Mo with a camera in his hand and smile on his face.


Marguerite Happe, Marketing
Marguerite specializes in marketing strategy for rare books and art.

She aspired to be a seeing eye dog but fell short of her goal now Pixel is eager to help.