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Comic Pix Panelologist: The End of Pre-Code Horror, 1954

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The last gasp of pre-Code horror: 35mm color slide, undated, but probably November or December, 1954. The Comics Code took effect in September, 1954, and the sole survivors of the crime & horror craze on display at this newsstand are … Continue reading

PBA Comics: Little Lulu in Lights, NYC, 1950s

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Little Lulu was created by Marjorie Henderson Buell in 1935. The character proved popular enough to win a spot selling Kleenex tissues in an elaborate animated billboard in Times Square, NYC, from 1952 to 1961. This image was scanned from … Continue reading

PBA Comics: Kurtzman Update

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There’s good news and bad news on the Kurtzman front. The good news is, if my son’s Hey Look fanaticism is any indication, there’s a market for Kurtzman’s brilliant pre-Mad gag strip among our nations’ youth… The bad news is, … Continue reading

PBA Comics

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Greetings, comics cognoscenti! I’m Ivan Briggs, PBA’s resident comics man, and I’d like to kick things off by sharing a bit about myself and my comics-peddling background. My dad was a first-generation comic book fiend. He remembered seeing the first … Continue reading

Comic Books on March 26th

Posted on by PBA Editor

On March 26th, 2020, PBA Galleries will host their debut Comic Book Sale. Sale Director Ivan Briggs has assembled top tier overlooked gems in the world of comics, including rare or unique. The auction will feature EC, Kurtzman, Pre-Code Horror … Continue reading

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