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Typed Letter, signed Stan

Laurel, Stan

Santa Monica


July 10, 1959

1½ pages, the first on Stan Laurel letterhead, the second a plain sheet. 10x8. Interesting and significant letter from the English-born American comedian, the "skinny half" of the Laurel and Hardy comedy team. Laurel writes to his former personal secretary Ernie Murphy about independent film maker Boris Morros, who had made Laurel and Hardy's Flying Deuces, and was a known member of the KGB working as a double agent for the U.S. in the 40s and 50s. "...RE Boris Morros, I don't think he had any connections with the trouble that Roach Jr. was in - it was the Scranton Corpn. a manufacturing outfit - probably making `Black-Jacks,' they evidently tested one on young Hal & it worked perfectly - during his coma they purloined the Studio. Its sure a weird situation. I doubt if Morros was ever a `Commie' - not to my knowledge anyway, however he was a conter-spy for the F.B.I. & his film activities was his cover up in Russia - I met him in Paris in 1950, he told me he was selling & buying films behind the Iron Curtain... I understand he is now writing a book on his experiences..." Morros' book, My Ten Years as a Counter-Spy, was published the following year. Laurel and partner Hardy had been made into stars by Hal Roach (Sr.), whose studio also established Harold Lloyd and produced the "Our Gang" films.

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