Trusts & Estates

PBA Galleries offers services to fiduciaries, executors, trust managers and advisors, estate planners and beneficiaries regarding libraries and collections of rare books, manuscripts, autographs, maps and photographs. We can assist in determining the value of the collection and the best way to liquidate the property whether it is by auction, private sale or alternative means. We have established expertise and relationships in the collecting community to maximize the value of the collection and to give clients personalized service that may not be achieved at other auction houses.

The expert staff at PBA is experienced in providing appraisals for insurance valuations and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Our appraisals meet IRS standards and USPAP guidelines.

If it is determined the best option is auction or a private sale through PBA Galleries, we will oversee the packing, removal of the property and transport to our Berkeley offices. Our staff is experienced at properly packing books, flat art work and framed items. All items are given special attention so as to prevent wear or damage.