Edwin V. Glaser Bookseller

Outside of my family, the antiquarian book world has been my life since the mid 1960s. Although I started my working career as a newspaperman and later spent some time as sales manager of a metal products company, the combination of serendipity and luck that landed me in the book biz was the major turning point in my life. I have met and had the opportunity to know many remarkable people: my fellow dealers, my customers, librarians, academics, and just plain (actually not so plain) book-lovers and assorted eccentrics. I acquired and had the opportunity to handle and sell some of the great written monuments of the world’s history and culture. I was my own boss and came and went as I pleased. I even managed to support my family and occasionally have a few dollars left over (although there was always another book or collection to buy). I had the privilege to give back to the bookselling community by serving in numerous offices of the ABAA (Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America) culminating as president in 1986-1988. As an original faculty member of the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminars (CABS) from 1979 through 2010, I had the opportunity to share my experience with more than 2000 seminarians, many of whom have become prominent booksellers in their own right.

From my first introduction to the antiquarian book world (via AB Bookman’s Weekly) to the reluctant realization as I reached my late 80s that I no longer had the energy and focus required to keep the various wheels turning, it has been the trip of a lifetime. With this catalog I say farewell to active participation in that life and look forward to the next phase, whatever it may bring.