Meet the Expert: Justin Benttinen

Justin Benttinen Photographer

Phone: 415 989 2665 [email protected]

Justin Benttinen is the head of PBA Galleries’ photography department. After cutting his teeth as a freelancer and autodidact, Mr. Benttinen joined PBA in February 2013. A lifelong lover of the printed word and third generation book collector, Mr. Benttinen uses his intuitive expertise to select the best possible images for each auction lot. When not busy photographing all of the books you see here, Mr. Benttinen can be found capturing images of everything from hummingbirds to street protests. When he’s not behind the lens, he’s apt to be dancing, reading Pynchon or contemplating the eventual fate of the universe. In addition to his photography, Mr. Benttinen is a published ecologist and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Rhode Island. Though not currently practicing as a scientist, his scientific attention to detail plays a significant part in his photographic work.