My Alerts Tutorial

Did you know that PBA Galleries can deliver a weekly email of items matching your specified interests? The matching results are emailed every Sunday evening. Simply add individual “My Alerts” on our website by entering your preferred keyword searches and alerts will begin automatically.

To setup this feature, first log in to the website. Next, click on “My PBA” on the homepage and then select ‘My Alerts’ the third menu option in grey.

Once you are on the alerts page, click the “Add Alert” button. This will open the search menu.

Enter a title for your search that describes the search, then enter your preferred search terms. The four search fields are Keywords, Author, Publisher, and Date.

If you type in a search term in keywords, the search will include and return all hits with that keyword in any field including description, author, and title. For example, you can do an author search with the author field or by searching for the author as a keyword. Our advice is to make the search narrow by restricting your search with targeted keywords and avoiding fluff like “The” or “And”.

You can select a category to further cull results. Selecting a general category is not recommended as the matching records will be too broad. PBA only holds one type of auction (Live), but leave all the auction settings checked which is the default setting. Be sure to save the search and use a search title that accurately describes your alert. Results will include both items catalogued and those entered into a future auction that has not yet been published. Sit back and let us do the searching for you.