Welcome to the New PBA BLOG!


I personally want to welcome you to our new website and auction platform. It’s been over ten years since we have had a major overhaul of the website and auction software. In those 10 years, internet use has quadrupled, Facebook has grown to nearly a billion subscribers and my smartphone takes better pictures than the digital camera I had back then. Our wrinkles were beginning to show; we needed a face-lift.


The new website is more intuitive, easier to navigate, has better search capabilities, and really takes advantage of those fabulous high resolution photographs that our photography department provides. In addition, it is easier to learn more about buying and selling at auction, more about PBA and more about the people of PBA. There is expanded MY PBA functionality with the ability to view, print and pay invoices or review sale results of consigned material. We still have a Category Watch but it is expanded to include the ability to track specific items. Real Time Bidder is getting a makeover as PBA LIVE which includes video and audio streaming of the sale and it is able to accommodate live bidding from computers, tablets and smartphones. All customer data, archived catalogs and prices realized will be available on the new site.


We’ve heard from a number of you already who have visited the website about your frustrations and dismay about the changes. Many of you have mentioned the old adage, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” Unfortunately, our auction software was breaking, particularly our Real Time Bidder. Some of you may have noticed that we ran into glitches with the online bidding almost every auction. We had been applying digital duct tape for years but even the duct tape was starting to break. The RTB was an integral part of our auction software, as is our website so changing just RTB was not possible. It reminds me of when I remodeled my kitchen a few years ago when my oven needed to be replaced. A new oven wouldn’t fit in the existing cabinetry, so I had to change all the cabinets which necessitated redoing the floor. Changing our live bidding system (now PBA LIVE) required changing the auction software which then necessitated changing our website.


For those that used the new PBA LIVE absentee and online bidding for our last two auctions, we hope that you found it easy and intuitive. We had a few technical glitches that will be worked out soon, including the live audio/video feed.


Thank you for visiting our website and sending your comments including features you’d like to see. In the coming days and weeks we will be able to provide the same joy you previously experienced when visiting the first pbaglleries.com.

Sharon Gee


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